Academic visit from Hebei University to Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) & Mandarin Language and Culture Centre (MLCC)

25-26 May 2017 – University Malaysia Pahang (UMP) and the Mandarin Language and Culture Centre (MLCC) were delighted and honoured to receive a visit from the delegation from Hebei University (HBU) of China recently. Members of the delegation were Professor Shen Shigang, the Vice President of HBU, and Associate Professor Liang Weige, the Deputy Director of International Office, HBU.

During the two-day visit, a meeting was held at UMP Gambang to discuss on potential collaborations between HBU with the Faculty of Chemical & Natural Resources Engineering and Faculty of Industrial Sciences & Technology of UMP. The delegation also visited laboratory of Faculty of Chemical & Natural Resources Engineering, laboratory of Faculty of Industrial Sciences & Technology, as well as UMP Central Laboratory and Center of Excellence For Advanced Research in Fluid Flow (CARIFF).

Delegation of HBU was also given a cordial reception by Ms Yong Ying Mei, the Director of MLCC; Ms Cheng Ching Yee, a Mandarin Language teacher; Ms Ju Meng, Ms Shao Zhenglan, Ms Zhang Weiqing, Volunteer Language teachers, and Madam Nornashua Farhani Binti Abdul Ghaffar, the Assistant Administrative officer of MLCC, during the visit.

By Yong Ying Mei

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