Empowering PPNP Day-care Educators through Training for the Trainer (ToT) Workshop

In order to promote sustainability of the learning that has taken place, the Knowledge Transfer Programme (KTP) Kindy team is organising another series of workshops for 12 selected daycare educators who underwent the two levels of Kindy Talk Module: Communication English and Effective Storytelling Techniques. The Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop was held mainly to prepare the day-care educators to train fellow members of PPNP in English. It was held on 12 to 13 August 2017 after the Knowledge Transfer workshops were completed. The 12 day-care educators were selected based on their commitment and involvement throughout the KTP Kindy programme.

The event took place in Tun Fatimah Hall in UMP Gambang Campus for two consecutive days. The main objective of this workshop is to strengthen participants' skills as trainers and enhance their confidence to train in English as well as to develop a teaching plan based on what they have learned and what they are comfortable doing.

The atmosphere in the hall during the workshop was full of emotions. The participants were excited and also anxious on what to expect for the two-day workshop. Participants were divided into 3 groups and a mentor was appointed for each group to monitor their content and presentations. During the workshop, participants were asked to discuss their teaching plans with their mentors. Mentors assisted the participants by suggesting ideas which helped to develop the participants' teaching plans. Various activities were included in the teaching plans to make learning more interesting and meaningful.

The highlight of the programme was the mock teaching presentation. Each participant had the opportunity to present their mock teaching for fifteen minutes and received feedback from the KTP trainers after the presentation. The hall became cheerful and lively when participants simulated their teaching for Communication English, Effective Storytelling and Heart Intelligence modules. Participants clearly demonstrated their passion and enthusiasm in preparing their assigned tasks. Among the evaluations made by the KTP trainers were the way of handling their participants during the course of activities, the effective way of communication, the correct use of sentences and grammar, and time management. Their efforts were praised by all evaluators and some suggestions were given for improvement. Their sincerity in giving full commitment to this workshop is something to be proud of and should be praised. Well done, PPNP trainers! We look forward to seeing you in Kota Baharu for the next ToT training.


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