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About Us

Centre for Modern Languages and Human Sciences (CMLHS) was established in May 2002, and it was formerly known as School of Social Sciences before changing its name to CMLHS in April 2003. CMLHS is a learning hub for enhancing language, communication and human development skills for students, academic and administrative associates as well as for external clients. The centre is divided into four departments: Human Sciences, Modern Languages, Foreign Languages and Soft Skills, to support the engineering faculties and other learning centres in the university with courses and trainings on these four fields.


CMLHS is also strong in research and developments embarking on studies, which utilize current technology, embed engineering and technical elements and encourage links with the corporations and industries. We are also constantly exploring new ideas to keep us up-to-date with the continual development of science and technology. Due to this, our expertise exceeds the fundamentals of humanities and social sciences. Our experts are willing to impart our knowledge, and the consultancy efforts ranging from services to the community and professional trainings for the industries.


Our number is growing and we are proud to be one dynamic group and contributing to the growth and success of the university.

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