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Fatkhiddin Mansurov, Dr.
Senior Lecturer
09-549 3053, 09-424 6921
B1-29 (Gambang), BB03R35 Aras 3 (Pekan)


Theology, Philosophy, Sufism, Islamic and Asian Civilization
Contemporary Sufism
The Teachings and Influence of Khawaja Yusuf Hamadānī on the Formation of Sufi Orders in Central Asia



Academic Qualification

PhD (Theology and Philosophy). The National University of Malaysia. Selangor/Malaysia

Master of Islamic Studies. Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies. Tashkent/Uzbekistan


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Fatkhiddin Mansurov. 2016. Redefinition Meaning of Tasawwuf in Contemporary Times. Proceedings of International Conference on Language, Education and Civilization (LECIC 2016). Academy of Language Studies and Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies, University Technology MARA Perak. Ipoh/Malaysia.

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Fatkhiddin Mansurov & Faudzinaim Hj. Badaruddin. 2015. Khawaja Yusuf Hamadānī. (Yang Mutasawwif Terhosor dari Kalangan Ahli-s Sunnah). Jurnal Hadhari/International Journal of National University of Malaysia. Volume 7. Issue 1. Pp. 19-31. Bangi/Malaysia.

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Gold Medal. For the Invention, Innovation & Design on e-Learning (IIDEL) of Integrated Ethnic Relations Altruistic Team. International University Carnival on e-Learning (IUCEL 2016). Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.