Biofeedback Lab


Apart from our existing language labs, CMLHS is also the owner of a Biofeedback lab. Biofeedback is a method used to measure emotional and achievement level using a physiological approach. This method is capable of measuring emotional level using physiology, and it provides information to individuals of their emotional status and stability.

The lab introduces the biofeedback protocol developed by UMP in order to help users enhance their career and achievement level in their daily work. The equipment and software for biofeedback are specifically designed so the users can interact with their emotions directly besides helping them to control and strengthen their emotional state.



The Biofeedback lab was established to:

  1. Offer postgraduate research program and undergraduate support;
  2. Provide trainings to industry, students, associates and community;
  3. Conduct research and development of technology-based products of human development;
  4. Provide biofeedback therapy and human development based on technology; and
  5. Generate income to UMP through marketing programs implemented.



At the biofeedback and human performance lab we provide:


1. Study Skills Habit Training

This training specifically designed to assist groups of students learn better by understanding their learning capability and strategy. The course is conducted by Dr. Mohd Ghani Awang who is the founder of the system. Students can improve their learning for better academic results.


2. Personality Profiling Assessment System

This system is able to assist students and lecturers explore their personality and provide graphical picture of their personality. The assessment used can help individuals understand about themselves better to enhance their academic lifestyle.


3. Biofeedback and Performance Course

This technology is very new in Malaysia, and therefore, many may not understand its process and techniques. Therefore, a short training program can help students and associates to better understand the technology and relates it with their teaching and learning. The training also helps individual to better understand their emotional level and ways to improve their emotions.




Biofeedback Game Kit

12 units

Personality Profiling Application

30 PCs

Study Skills Habit and Remedial Application

30 PCs

Stress Sweeper Pro

1 unit + 1 PC

Multi-Channel Infinity System

1 unit + 1 PC


1 unit + 1 PC


1 unit + 1 PC

J & J Multichanel Biofeedback

1 unit + 1 PC

GSR Skin Temprature & Learning CD's

3 unit + 1 PC

Biofeedback Electrode Sensor

1 unit



 Tools & Equipment

dsc 2768  2  dsc0029

Training & Testing

1 2 3
4 5  6



Level 1, Block Y (next to Multimedia Lab 8)


Operating Hours

  • 8.00 am-5.00 pm (office hour)


Inquiries / Booking

Assoc Prof Dr. Muhammad Nubli Abdul Wahab

09-549 3120 / 3021

Mohd Nazri Jaafar

09-549 2461