Piece of Run (Hashiru Kaizoku)

6th April 2019 - Piece of Run (Hashiru Kaizoku) program was organised by the committees of Japanese Matsuri (Kodomo Jidai) 2019 in collaboration with Japanese Professional Language Club (JANPU) and Student Affairs and Alumni Department (SAffAD) of Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP). This program was successfully held at Centre of Excellence for Advanced Research in Fluid Flow (CARIFF), UMP Gambang Campus. Mr. Al-Muhaimin Bin Ali and Mr. Mohd Iszuani bin Mohd Hassan officiated the program. The main objective of this program was to help students to develop their sportsmanship and critical thinking skills as well as teamwork between students in UMP. Besides that, this program enabled students to gain new experience and comprehensively develop themselves not only physically but also mentally.

Approximately 300 runners joined the race that began at 9.00am. The path of the race was about 5km surrounding the area in UMP. Along the 5km track, runners were able to join a few treasure hunt inspired games for them to win special gifts. There were a total of 6 winners for both men and women categories. The winners for the men’s category were Chiu Jing Hao followed by first runner up, Azhar Al- Husna Bin Mohamad Dani and second runner up, Lim Ser Boon. The winner for the women’s category were Kong Chin Khee followed by first runner up, Nurul Syahfiqah Binti Zaidi and second runner up, Goh Xin Pei. The race ended at 11.00am.

It is hoped that all the participants who had joined this program will not only be more active in sports activities but also help them to uncover their hidden talents and skills in sports. This program is hoped to also help students to live a healthier lifestyle thus improving their mental health as well.

Prepared by Koh Kia Ying

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