Japanese Matsuri (Kodomo Jidai) 2019

28 April 2019 - Japanese Matsuri (Kodomo Jidai) 2019 had been organized by the Japanese Matsuri (Kodomo Jidai) 2019 committee through a collaboration with the Japanese Professional Language Club (JANPU) of Student Affairs and Alumni Department (SAffAD), Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) and Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur (JFKL). This program was successfully held at Astaka hall, UMP Gambang Campus. Ms. Estuko Kurihara, Director of Japan Information Service, along with Mr. Abdul Rahman Bin Ahmad, Mr. Mohd. Zaki bin Ahmad, and Mr. Mohd Iszuani bin Mohd. Hassan were invited as the VIPs. The main objective of this program was to attract students to know and become familiar with the Japanese culture. Besides that, this program provided students with the opportunity to practice Japanese language in UMP.

Approximately, there were 400 participants who joined the program. The program began sharply at 7.30pm and ended at 11.30pm. The program started out with participant registration followed by a Chinese orchestra performance and a short Doraemon drama. The VIPs were then accompanied by Ms. Hon Xiao Hui, the director of the program, to officiate Japanese Matsuri (Kodomo Jidai) 2019. The program continued with many other performances such as traditional and modern dances, drama as well as lucky draw. There was also a prize giving ceremony which was slotted in for the winners of the Lantern Making Competition 2019. The program ended with a live band performance.

It is hoped that all of the participants involved in this program managed to enhance their understanding of the Japanese culture and society, on top of taking this program as a platform to practice Japanese in daily life. This program also aimed at helping the students to learn and tolerate the tradition of a culture that is somewhat different than that of Malaysians in the spirit of strengthening the bond between one another.

Prepared by Koh Kia Ying