4-Week Mandarin Study Programme in China

Heibei, China - The Confucius Institute (CI) of Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) had organized a 4-week Mandarin Study Programme in China and that was the first programme ever organized by CI after the MoA signing with Hanban last year.
A total number of 15 CI students had received the Confucius Scholarship Hanban, China and they were entitled to participate in the 4-Week Mandarin Study Programme during summer in China. In detail, 13 of them were offered to study in Hebei University (HBU), China from 22 July until 19 August 2019, while the other two were offered to study in Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), China from 28 July until 24 August 2019.

This 4-Week Mandarin Study Programme featured Mandarin and Chinese culture classes, Chinese cultural workshop, test, and Chinese family visit. The students were exposed to various components of the Chinese culture such as Wushu, Chinese Tea, calligraphy, paper cutting arts, folk songs, knots, opera, painting, Tai Chi, and even got involved in the making of Chinese dumplings. All in all, it is apparent that the students had a great time and never failed to show their enthusiasm as well as commitment in learning all these things.

At the end of the programme, Ms. Yong Ying Mei, the Director of CI managed to congratulate all students who passed the test with flying colours. She also expressed her gratitude to Madam Nornashua Farhani Binti Abdul Ghaffar (Administration Assistant of CI) for her assistance, all the way from helping out the UMP students with the application for the Confucius scholarship to studying abroad in China.

By: Yong Ying Mei,
Director of UMP Confucius Institute

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