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  • GP HS

    The Human Sciences department functions as a servicing department offering courses designed by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) which include the Islamic and Asian Civilization and Ethnic Relations as well as elective courses to all university students. The elective courses are developed to prepare students to understand their potential, social background and expectations of the future and global perspectives. In collaboration with other CMLHS departments, this department supports students’ development in generic as well as soft skills.

    We are proud to announce that Human Sciences department is a home to UMP’s Biofeedback Lab. Equipped with modern biofeedback machines; this lab is the only lab in Malaysia which is solely dedicated to improve human performance, personality, attitudes, stress management and emotional stability. The lab is managed by experts from various fields such as Islamic and comparative religious studies, human development, psychology, counseling, training, quality and productivity, economic, management, learning and study skills and civilization studies.


    • To offer courses in human sciences to inculcate all aspects of respect, mutual understanding and universal values in order to produce a nation of holistic and civilized individuals.
    • To offer courses related to human development such as leadership, globalization, psychology and organizational counseling and technology for human capital development.
    • To conduct research and consultation in the various human development and human performance fields. 
    • To equip students with generic skills which complement their technical and technological skills.

    Courses Offered

    Degree & Diploma

    UHR 1012

    Islamic & Asian Civilation 1

    UHM 2022

    Ethnic Relations


    UHE 3012

    Contemporary Leadership in Community

    UHE 3032

    Introduction to Human Behavior

    UHE 3042

    Organizational Counseling

    UHE 3062

    Malaysia: The Impact of Globalization

    UHE 3072

    Technology for Human Capital Development

    UHE 3122

    Islamic Institutions
  • GP DEL


    The English Language department comprises language teachers and lecturers who are dynamic and dedicated in ensuring that the teaching and learning of English is relevant and exciting for students. Teaching and learning activities at CMLHS incorporates the use of technology in its 13 state-of-the-art multimedia language labs, a mini theatre and a recording studio. Through these technological facilities, students are exposed to a variety of language software like Tell Me More, Tensebusters and Sky Pronunciation. Language instructors also use blog, Edmodo, Moodle, Wikispaces and instant messaging as a platform to disseminate learning materials and communicate electronically with their students. The English Language department will continue to provide UMP students with classroom contexts that assimilate the real world experiences through assignments and projects.

    Courses Offered



    Foundation English


    English for Academic Skills


    English for Occupational Communication



    Fundamentals of English Language


    English for Academic Communication

    English for Technical Communication


    English for Professional Communication



    Critical Thinking Through Literature

    Creative Writing


    English Mechanics


    Language in Society


    Public Speaking


    Project Based Proposal Writing


    Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • GP FL


    The Foreign Languages department was established to offer foreign language courses in UMP. Foreign language is a compulsory course and every UMP student must choose one language which they are interested in learning. Besides that, the department conducts language courses relevant to the needs of the university. We are offering the most vital and important global languages such as Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish and German. This in line with the recent necessity of globalization and PPPM (PT) 2015-2025 which required students to master in one foreign language.

    The objective of the department is to provide adequate knowledge and training in the field of foreign languages to undergraduate students and the opportunity to learn these languages for business and social settings. The department also provides language courses for workplaces to cater to the language needs of the university’s community. This is relevant to the vision and mission of the university which is to encourage students and associates to be multilingual, thus be able to participate in various activities particularly international program. The department has 21 language teachers including 8 expatriates from Egypt, German, Hungary and Uzbekistan who are dedicated to teaching the courses which emphasize communicative skills.

    Courses Offered


    UHF 1111

    Mandarin for Beginners

    UHF 1121

    German for Beginners

    UHF 1131

    Japanese for Beginners

    UHF 1141

    Arabic for Beginners

    UHF 1151

    Spanish for Beginners

    UHF 1161

    Malay Language for Beginners

    UHF 1271

    Turkish 1

    UHF 2111

    Mandarin for Intermediate

    UHF 2121

    German for Intermediate

    UHF 2131

    Japanese for Intermediate

    UHF 2141

    Arabic for Intermediate

    UHF 2151

    Spanish for Intermediate

    UHF 2161

    Malay Language for Intermediate

    UHF 2271

    Turkish 2

     Degree (FIM)

    UHG 1002

    Deutsch 1

    UHG 1012

    Deutsch 2

    UHG 2002

    Deutsch 3

    UHG 2012

    Deutsch 4

     Degree (FKM & FKP)

    UHG 1003

    German 1

    UHG 1013

    German 2

    UHG 1016

    German Intensive 1

    UHG 2003

    German 3

    UHG 2013

    German 4

    UHG 2016

    German Intensive 2

  • GP SS


    Soft Skills is introduced to complement UMP students’ technical skills and knowledge. Generally, today’s job market demands more than just knowledge and skills. Beyond these job-specific technical skills, soft skills are nearly universally sought by employers. The challenge is to introduce a program which allows students to learn and capitalize their soft-skills competencies.

    Soft Skills department is given the responsibility to organize necessary programs based on feedback from the industries (Fatmawati, Mansor, Mohd Azam, Muhammad Nubli & Norrihan, 2005). The implementation of Soft Skills programs requires effort from all quarters as this program cannot be realized without the support from each and every UMP associate and student. It is the university’s mission to produce proficient graduates physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.

    Soft Skills concept was initiated in 2002, and it has been implemented in stages since then. Soft Skills program is continually evaluated and improved with regards to its method of implementation, content and evaluation to match the current market and MOHE’s needs.


    To develop a well-rounded personality and competency based on positive values in an effort to uphold the vision and mission of UMP.


    1.  Develop Soft Skills among students of public tertiary institutions;
    2.  Produce graduates who are excellent in academics and personality in line with  National Philosophy of Education;
    3.  Develop awareness on self-responsibility, and a sense of responsibility towards the community, industry and nation.

    Current Implementation

    Soft Skills are inculcated to all students through two programs, and both methods are implemented through two credited courses:
    1.  Embedded programs (UHS1011 Basic Soft Skills)
    2.  Standalone programs (UHS2011 Industrial Soft Skills)

    The basic elements of soft skills introduced and assessed include:

    1.  Leadership
    2.  Team working
    3.  Communication
    4.  Positive values
    5.  Learning capability

    Courses Offered

    Soft Skills

    Degree & Diploma

    UHS 1021

    Soft Skills 1 (Basic Soft Skills)

    UHS 2021 Soft Skills 2 (Industrial Soft Skills)

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